Regional Science inquiry

Call for Papers

Regional Science Inquiry (RSI) is currently accepting manuscripts for publication for the next issue. RSI publishes high-quality papers, written in English, in a wide range of academic areas, including regional science, economics, geography, urban planning, international politics, etc. All papers will be peer-reviewed. RSI produces two issues per year, December and June.

The benefits of publishing in the RSI include:

1.   Fast publication times: Papers are instantly issued online upon acceptance

2.   Excellent editorial standards

3.   Free color in electronic version

4.   Free on-line access

5.   Fast and constructive peer review process

6.   RSI is indexed in the following databases:

- Journal of Economic Literature ( EconLit )
- Regional Science Association International ( RSA I )

7.   All abstracts and full text are available free on-line to all main universities/institution, ensuring promotion to the widest possible audience.

8.  Authors receive a free printed issue

Submission guidelines are in the webpage:


Since 2011 H.A.R.S. is not a non-profit civil partnership. It works under the same Structure, Management and Principles as a think tank of groups of people with multidisciplinary work in the fields of Regional Science, which occurs with the selfless contribution of participants who offer their work to the global scientific community.