Instructions to Authors
Review Process

Each suitable article is blind-reviewed by two members of the editorial review board. A recommendation is then made by the Editor-in-Chief. The final decision is made by the Editor-in-Chief. If a revision is recommended, the revised paper is sent for a final approval to one of the Editors. The journal will reserve the copyright over all the material published therein. However, the authors may personally use their work elsewhere after publication without prior permission, provided that acknowledgement is given to the Journal as well as notification for such an action. Any views expressed in the journal are the views of the authors and not the views of the Journal. Obtaining the permission to reproduce any material copyrighted by third holders and the right to use it is the responsibility of the authors.
Style and Format of the Paper
In order for a paper to be submitted to the Regional Science Inquiry Journal (RSIJ) for publication, the following should be taken into consideration:
1. All submitted articles should report original work, previously unpublished and not under consideration for publication elsewhere and they are subject to both review and editing.
2. Articles should be in good technical English with a length normally between 6,500-8,000 words, while all other texts should not exceed 2,500 words, apart from the references, tables and illustrations.
3. The first page of the manuscripts should contain the article title, the name and the affiliation of the authors with sufficient contact details (the corresponding author should be properly identified here).
4. Articles should have a set of Keywords (up to 7) and an Abstract (under 250 words, without references), followed by the Introduction, Methodology and Data, Results, Discussion, Conclusions and References.
5. Manuscripts should be submitted in one
single electronic file, an MS Word file, to the registered electronic address of the editors. It is also possible, for review purposes only, to submit the manuscript as a PDF file (or other similar format). The books for review are sent in two copies to the seat of the Journal.
6. Manuscripts should be typewritten with margins 2.5 cm x 2.5cm on A4 size paper. Margins should be consistent on all pages.
7. All pages should be numbered consecutively.
8. Titles and subtitles should be short.
9. The text should be set in Times New Roman, size 11pt, normal, in a single column. Texts that do not comply with the specified formation will be returned to the authors for proper adjustment.
10. Tables and illustrations should be titled, consecutively numbered, embedded in the manuscript in one single electronic file, properly cited and placed in the main text. Tables are numbered separately from the illustrations. If you have original drawings or photos you must scan them and embed them in the file as above. Tables and illustrations should not appear on the opening page (first page) or after the references and must fit within the page margins.
11. Colour texts or illustrations are accepted for online publishing; however hard copies should only be black and white.
12. Footnotes should be kept to a minimum, numbered consecutively throughout the text with superscripts and should appear at the bottom of each page.
13. Authors are encouraged to include a concise literature survey. References to published literature within the text should be cited by the name of the author followed by the consecutive number in square bracket, and should be presented in a numerical list at the end of the text.
14. Full references should be given in the following form:
Author(s) (Name and Initials), “Title of Article”, in Title of Book or Title of Journal or Title and Place of Conference, Editor(s) (Name and Initials), Volume (Vol.) Nr/Issue Nr, Place of Publication, Publisher, Year, Pages (pp.)