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Katsoni Vicky, MBA, Ph.D,

Lecturer, Dept. of Hospitality and Tourism Management,

School of Business and Economics,TEI of Athens,

Ag.Spyridonos and Milou 1, Aigaleo Campus,

Athens 122 10 – Greece,


Advances in electronic-based information and communication technologies (ICTs) are rapidly transforming social and economic conditions across the globe. As the cost of ICTs continues to fall and their capabilities increase, their applications are becoming even more vital to all sectors of the economy and society. Developments and continued growth in ICT and its application in the tourism sector have empowered the tourism consumer and are driving significant change within the tourism industry. The increasing spread and uses of ICT create new opportunities for countries to harness these technologies and services to promote social and economic development and human justice. Given the growing importance of technology in all organizational functions and areas, organizations can either adapt to technological changes or will have to face a decline in their organizational viability. This article is concerned with the administration of ICT in tourism regional planning and the concept of organizational change. The paper explores areas of ICT literacy, and concludes that a number of challenges must be addressed if the full benefit of the use and application of ICT in tourism. The article draws the attention of all the stakeholders in the tourism sector to the need to support and promote ICT as the most effective tool for tourism regional planning, tourist information access and dissemination as well as the tourism regional development participants need for organizational change.

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