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Alexiadis Stilianos

Ministry of Rural Development and Foods, Department of Agricultural Policy &   Documentation, Division of Agricultural Statistics, e-mail:


Ladias Christos

Department of Regional Economic Development, University of Central Greece


A model of optimal allocation of investment across regions is developed. It is shown that the optimality conditions may lead to increasing inequalities at the spatial level. Introducing an element of endogenous innovation dualistic situation emerges. An empirical analysis, using data for the NUTS-2 regions of the European Union seems to confirm this argument.

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Converging and Diverging Regions in the EU: Implications for Regional Policy

Alexiadis Stilianos*
Visiting Lecturer, University of Piraeus, Department of Economics

Ladias Christos
Department of Regional Economic Development, University of Central Greece

Polo Antoneta
Department of Economics, Eqrem Cabej University, Argirocastro, Albania

This paper investigates the extent of regional cohesion amongst European regions; an issue of emerging importance in the fast growing literature on regional economics. This paper aims to shed some further light on the question of regional cohesion by taking into account the impact of the existing technological gaps across regions. Regional cohesion is examined in terms of labour productivity for the NUTS-2 regions of the EU-27 during the time period 1995-2006. The results suggest the existence of two separate groups or clubs. The first includes regions from advanced northern European countries, while the members in the second club are mainly found in the new member-states and in southern European countries, putting the issue of European regional policy into a fresh premise. To be more specific, the results have important implications for the (re) direction of regional policy in Europe towards a new set of objectives and instruments. read more

Key words: Regional Cohesion, Technological Gap, Regional Policy

JEL: C21; O18; R11