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Antoneta POLO

University “Eqrem Cabej”

Dorjana NANO

University “Eqrem Cabej”


Students financial behaviour has been on focus of many academics and practicioners for decades. Reseachers have found that students do not take healthy financial decisions. One of the factors revelead to influence students money management practices is school. The financial knowledge and training gained during university studies is supposed to equip students with the neccessary knowledge and attitude towards financial issues. This is translated in better financial behavior. The current research aims to explore the role of universities on students financial behavior. The main objectives of the paper are: i) firstly to investigate on the importance of school on students money management practices; ii) secondly, provide a literature review on students financial skills and behavior; iii) thirdly, to identify the role of universities in students financial behavior in the case of Albania; and iv) finally, to draw some conclusions and policy recommandations for universities in order to improve their curriculas and help students to be wise consumator. The main research questions raised in this research are: 1) Do Albanian students percept school as their primary source of gaining financial knowledge? 2) Do Albanian universities play their role optimally on equipping students with the best skills on money management?

This study is based on a survey conducted on 637 students from different universities accross Albania. Descriptive statistics, Tukey Post Hoc technique and analyse of variance are utilized to address the research questions. Statistics demostrates students to consider school as the most important source of gaining financial knowledge. Although this result, university is exposed to not play its best role on helping students establishing good financial habits. This research suggest universities to include a modul in personal finances in their curriculas and making them more practical and effective. This is incredeably important since managing personal finances is a matter that last forever. Future studies can be conducted to examine the effectviness of universities curriculas on students life. In addition, further researches can be undertaken in order to identified other factors impacting students financial behavior.

Keywords: Students Money Management, University.

JEL classification: A2
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